Brandy & Cognac

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In the duty free section of cognac, armagnac, brandy and calvados, you will find an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages that you can purchase tax free in the Sharjah airport in the city of Sharjah.

If you are a cognac lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to acquire a bottle of cognac Hennessy with the reduced price offered in the duty free stores. In addition, you can find other varieties of cognac such as Rémy Martin, Larsen or Xanté, all of which have superior quality, found in the Sharjah on the day of your travels.

In addition to the best brands of cognac, in the Sharjah duty free store, you can find exclusive bottle of brandy that will delight all your senses, a traditional French amagnac made with the finest wines or the typical brandy calvados of the Normandy region.

Purchase your bottles of cognac, armagnac and calvados and enjoy your tax free brandy with the convenience of picking it up at the Sharjah airport.